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Vector Packet Processing
vlib_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

clib_time_t clib_time
u64 cpu_time_last_node_dispatch
u64 cpu_time_main_loop_start
u32 main_loop_count
u32 main_loop_vectors_processed
u32 main_loop_nodes_processed
u32 vector_counts_per_main_loop [2]
u32 node_counts_per_main_loop [2]
u32 main_loop_exit_set
clib_longjmp_t main_loop_exit
char * name
void * heap_base
uword heap_size
vlib_physmem_main_t physmem_main
void *(* os_physmem_alloc_aligned )(vlib_physmem_main_t *pm, uword n_bytes, uword alignment)
void(* os_physmem_free )(void *x)
vlib_node_main_t node_main
vlib_cli_main_t cli_main
vlib_trace_main_t trace_main
vlib_error_main_t error_main
void(* os_punt_frame )(struct vlib_main_t *vm, struct vlib_node_runtime_t *node, vlib_frame_t *frame)
u32 mc_stream_index
elog_main_t elog_main
uword random_seed
clib_random_buffer_t random_buffer
u32 cpu_index
void ** mbuf_alloc_list
_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t * init_function_registrations
_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t * main_loop_enter_function_registrations
_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t * main_loop_exit_function_registrations
_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t * api_init_function_registrations
volatile u32 queue_signal_pending
volatile u32 api_queue_nonempty
void(* queue_signal_callback )(struct vlib_main_t *)
u8 ** argv

Detailed Description

Definition at line 59 of file main.h.

Field Documentation

_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t* vlib_main_t::api_init_function_registrations

Definition at line 167 of file main.h.

volatile u32 vlib_main_t::api_queue_nonempty

Definition at line 173 of file main.h.

u8** vlib_main_t::argv

Definition at line 175 of file main.h.

vlib_buffer_main_t* vlib_main_t::buffer_main

Definition at line 104 of file main.h.

vlib_cli_main_t vlib_main_t::cli_main

Definition at line 118 of file main.h.

clib_time_t vlib_main_t::clib_time

Definition at line 62 of file main.h.

vlib_config_function_runtime_t* vlib_main_t::config_function_registrations

Definition at line 168 of file main.h.

u32 vlib_main_t::cpu_index

Definition at line 159 of file main.h.

u64 vlib_main_t::cpu_time_last_node_dispatch

Definition at line 65 of file main.h.

u64 vlib_main_t::cpu_time_main_loop_start

Definition at line 68 of file main.h.

elog_main_t vlib_main_t::elog_main

Definition at line 141 of file main.h.

elog_event_type_t* vlib_main_t::error_elog_event_types

Definition at line 147 of file main.h.

vlib_error_main_t vlib_main_t::error_main

Definition at line 124 of file main.h.

void* vlib_main_t::heap_base

Definition at line 101 of file main.h.

uword vlib_main_t::heap_size

Definition at line 102 of file main.h.

_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t* vlib_main_t::init_function_registrations

Definition at line 164 of file main.h.

uword* vlib_main_t::init_functions_called

Definition at line 156 of file main.h.

u32 vlib_main_t::main_loop_count

Definition at line 71 of file main.h.

_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t* vlib_main_t::main_loop_enter_function_registrations

Definition at line 165 of file main.h.

clib_error_t* vlib_main_t::main_loop_error

Definition at line 95 of file main.h.

clib_longjmp_t vlib_main_t::main_loop_exit

Definition at line 88 of file main.h.

_vlib_init_function_list_elt_t* vlib_main_t::main_loop_exit_function_registrations

Definition at line 166 of file main.h.

u32 vlib_main_t::main_loop_exit_set

Definition at line 87 of file main.h.

u32 vlib_main_t::main_loop_nodes_processed

Definition at line 75 of file main.h.

u32 vlib_main_t::main_loop_vectors_processed

Definition at line 74 of file main.h.

void** vlib_main_t::mbuf_alloc_list

Definition at line 161 of file main.h.

mc_main_t* vlib_main_t::mc_main

Definition at line 133 of file main.h.

mc_serialize_msg_t* vlib_main_t::mc_msg_registrations

Definition at line 169 of file main.h.

u32 vlib_main_t::mc_stream_index

Definition at line 136 of file main.h.

char* vlib_main_t::name

Definition at line 98 of file main.h.

elog_event_type_t* vlib_main_t::node_call_elog_event_types

Definition at line 144 of file main.h.

u32 vlib_main_t::node_counts_per_main_loop[2]

Definition at line 81 of file main.h.

vlib_node_main_t vlib_main_t::node_main

Definition at line 115 of file main.h.

elog_event_type_t* vlib_main_t::node_return_elog_event_types

Definition at line 145 of file main.h.

void*(* vlib_main_t::os_physmem_alloc_aligned) (vlib_physmem_main_t *pm, uword n_bytes, uword alignment)

Definition at line 110 of file main.h.

void(* vlib_main_t::os_physmem_free) (void *x)

Definition at line 112 of file main.h.

void(* vlib_main_t::os_punt_frame) (struct vlib_main_t *vm, struct vlib_node_runtime_t *node, vlib_frame_t *frame)

Definition at line 128 of file main.h.

vlib_physmem_main_t vlib_main_t::physmem_main

Definition at line 106 of file main.h.

vlib_one_time_waiting_process_t* vlib_main_t::procs_waiting_for_mc_stream_join

Definition at line 138 of file main.h.

void(* vlib_main_t::queue_signal_callback) (struct vlib_main_t *)

Definition at line 174 of file main.h.

volatile u32 vlib_main_t::queue_signal_pending

Definition at line 172 of file main.h.

clib_random_buffer_t vlib_main_t::random_buffer

Definition at line 153 of file main.h.

uword vlib_main_t::random_seed

Definition at line 150 of file main.h.

vlib_trace_main_t vlib_main_t::trace_main

Definition at line 121 of file main.h.

u32 vlib_main_t::vector_counts_per_main_loop[2]

Definition at line 80 of file main.h.

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