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Vector Packet Processing
map_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

volatile u32counter_lock
u32 adj6_index
u32 adj4_index
ip4_address_t preresolve_ip4
ip6_address_t preresolve_ip6
u8 tc
bool tc_copy
bool sec_check
bool sec_check_frag
bool icmp6_enabled
ip4_address_t icmp4_src_address
vlib_simple_counter_main_t icmp_relayed
f32 ip4_reass_conf_ht_ratio
u16 ip4_reass_conf_pool_size
u16 ip4_reass_conf_lifetime_ms
u32 ip4_reass_conf_buffers
u8 ip4_reass_ht_log2len
u16 ip4_reass_allocated
u16 ip4_reass_fifo_last
volatile u32ip4_reass_lock
u32 ip4_reass_buffered_counter
bool frag_inner
bool frag_ignore_df
f32 ip6_reass_conf_ht_ratio
u16 ip6_reass_conf_pool_size
u16 ip6_reass_conf_lifetime_ms
u32 ip6_reass_conf_buffers
u8 ip6_reass_ht_log2len
u16 ip6_reass_allocated
u16 ip6_reass_fifo_last
volatile u32ip6_reass_lock
u32 ip6_reass_buffered_counter

Detailed Description

Definition at line 193 of file map.h.

Field Documentation

u32 map_main_t::adj4_index

Definition at line 204 of file map.h.

u32 map_main_t::adj6_index

Definition at line 204 of file map.h.

volatile u32* map_main_t::counter_lock

Definition at line 200 of file map.h.

vlib_combined_counter_main_t* map_main_t::domain_counters

Definition at line 199 of file map.h.

map_domain_t* map_main_t::domains

Definition at line 195 of file map.h.

bool map_main_t::frag_ignore_df

Definition at line 246 of file map.h.

bool map_main_t::frag_inner

Definition at line 245 of file map.h.

ip4_address_t map_main_t::icmp4_src_address

Definition at line 218 of file map.h.

bool map_main_t::icmp6_enabled

Definition at line 215 of file map.h.

vlib_simple_counter_main_t map_main_t::icmp_relayed

Definition at line 219 of file map.h.

u16 map_main_t::ip4_reass_allocated

Definition at line 237 of file map.h.

u32 map_main_t::ip4_reass_buffered_counter

Definition at line 243 of file map.h.

u32 map_main_t::ip4_reass_conf_buffers

Definition at line 232 of file map.h.

f32 map_main_t::ip4_reass_conf_ht_ratio

Definition at line 229 of file map.h.

u16 map_main_t::ip4_reass_conf_lifetime_ms

Definition at line 231 of file map.h.

u16 map_main_t::ip4_reass_conf_pool_size

Definition at line 230 of file map.h.

u16 map_main_t::ip4_reass_fifo_last

Definition at line 239 of file map.h.

u16* map_main_t::ip4_reass_hash_table

Definition at line 238 of file map.h.

u8 map_main_t::ip4_reass_ht_log2len

Definition at line 236 of file map.h.

volatile u32* map_main_t::ip4_reass_lock

Definition at line 240 of file map.h.

map_ip4_reass_t* map_main_t::ip4_reass_pool

Definition at line 235 of file map.h.

u16 map_main_t::ip6_reass_allocated

Definition at line 260 of file map.h.

u32 map_main_t::ip6_reass_buffered_counter

Definition at line 266 of file map.h.

u32 map_main_t::ip6_reass_conf_buffers

Definition at line 255 of file map.h.

f32 map_main_t::ip6_reass_conf_ht_ratio

Definition at line 252 of file map.h.

u16 map_main_t::ip6_reass_conf_lifetime_ms

Definition at line 254 of file map.h.

u16 map_main_t::ip6_reass_conf_pool_size

Definition at line 253 of file map.h.

u16 map_main_t::ip6_reass_fifo_last

Definition at line 262 of file map.h.

u16* map_main_t::ip6_reass_hash_table

Definition at line 261 of file map.h.

u8 map_main_t::ip6_reass_ht_log2len

Definition at line 259 of file map.h.

volatile u32* map_main_t::ip6_reass_lock

Definition at line 263 of file map.h.

map_ip6_reass_t* map_main_t::ip6_reass_pool

Definition at line 258 of file map.h.

ip4_address_t map_main_t::preresolve_ip4

Definition at line 205 of file map.h.

ip6_address_t map_main_t::preresolve_ip6

Definition at line 206 of file map.h.

bool map_main_t::sec_check

Definition at line 213 of file map.h.

bool map_main_t::sec_check_frag

Definition at line 214 of file map.h.

vlib_simple_counter_main_t* map_main_t::simple_domain_counters

Definition at line 198 of file map.h.

u8 map_main_t::tc

Definition at line 210 of file map.h.

bool map_main_t::tc_copy

Definition at line 211 of file map.h.

vlib_main_t* map_main_t::vlib_main

Definition at line 222 of file map.h.

vnet_main_t* map_main_t::vnet_main

Definition at line 223 of file map.h.

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