Host Interface

create host-interface

create host-interface [v2] name <ifname> [num-rx-queues <n>] [num-tx-queues <n>] [hw-addr <mac-addr>] [mode ip] [qdisc-bypass-disable] [cksum-gso-disable]

Create a host interface that will attach to a linux AF_PACKET interface, one side of a veth pair. The veth pair must already exist. Once created, a new host interface will exist in VPP with the name host-<ifname>, where <ifname> is the name of the specified veth pair. Use the show interface command to display host interface details.

This command has the following optional parameters:

  • hw-addr <mac-addr> - Optional ethernet address, can be in either X:X:X:X:X:X unix or X.X.X cisco format.

Example of how to create a host interface tied to one side of an existing linux veth pair named vpp1:

create host-interface name vpp1


Once the host interface is created, enable the interface using:

set interface state host-vpp1 up

Declaration: af_packet_create_command src/plugins/af_packet/cli.c line 163

Implementation: af_packet_create_command_fn

delete host-interface

delete host-interface name <ifname>

Delete a host interface. Use the linux interface name to identify the host interface to be deleted. In VPP, host interfaces are named as host-<ifname>, where <ifname> is the name of the linux interface.

Example of how to delete a host interface named host-vpp1:

delete host-interface name vpp1

Declaration: af_packet_delete_command src/plugins/af_packet/cli.c line 220

Implementation: af_packet_delete_command_fn

set host-interface l4-cksum-offload

set host-interface l4-cksum-offload <host-if-name> <on|off>

Set TCP/UDP offload checksum calculation. Use interface name to identify the interface to set TCP/UDP offload checksum calculation.

Example of how to set TCP/UDP offload checksum calculation on host-vpp0:

set host-interface l4-cksum-offload host-vpp0 off
set host-interface l4-cksum-offload host-vpp0 on

Declaration: af_packet_set_l4_cksum_offload_command src/plugins/af_packet/cli.c line 275

Implementation: af_packet_set_l4_cksum_offload_command_fn

set host-interface qdisc-bypass

set host-interface qdisc-bypass <host-if-name> <enable|disable>

Declaration: af_packet_enable_disable_qdisc_bypass_command src/plugins/af_packet/cli.c line 320

Implementation: af_packet_enable_disable_qdisc_bypass_command_fn