Dhcp cli reference

dhcp6 client

dhcp6 client <interface> [disable]

This command is used to enable/disable DHCPv6 client on particular interface.

Example of how to enable DHCPv6 client:

dhcp6 client GigabitEthernet2/0/0

Example of how to disable DHCPv6 client:

dhcp6 client GigabitEthernet2/0/0 disable

Declaration: dhcp6_client_enable_disable_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp6_ia_na_client_cp.c line 732

Implementation: dhcp6_client_enable_disable_command_fn

dhcp6 pd client

dhcp6 pd client <interface> (prefix group <string> | disable)

This command is used to enable/disable DHCPv6 PD client on particular interface.

Example of how to enable DHCPv6 PD client:

dhcp6 pd client GigabitEthernet2/0/0 prefix group my-pd-group

Example of how to disable DHCPv6 PD client:

dhcp6 pd client GigabitEthernet2/0/0 disable

Declaration: dhcp6_pd_client_enable_disable_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp6_pd_client_cp.c line 1379

Implementation: dhcp6_pd_client_enable_disable_command_fn

set dhcp client

set dhcp client [del] intfc <interface> [hostname <name>]

Declaration: dhcp_client_set_command src/plugins/dhcp/client.c line 1220

Implementation: dhcp_client_set_command_fn

set dhcp option-82 vss

set dhcp option-82 vss [del] table <table id> [oui <n> vpn-id <n> | vpn-ascii-id <text>]

Declaration: dhcp_proxy_vss_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp4_proxy_node.c line 1061

Implementation: dhcp_option_82_vss_fn

set dhcp proxy

set dhcp proxy [del] server <ip-addr> src-address <ip-addr> [server-fib-id <n>] [rx-fib-id <n>]

Declaration: dhcp_proxy_set_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp4_proxy_node.c line 955

Implementation: dhcp4_proxy_set_command_fn

set dhcpv6 proxy

set dhcpv6 proxy [del] server <ipv6-addr> src-address <ipv6-addr> [server-fib-id <fib-id>] [rx-fib-id <fib-id>]

Declaration: dhcpv6_proxy_set_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp6_proxy_node.c line 1013

Implementation: dhcpv6_proxy_set_command_fn

set dhcpv6 vss

set dhcpv6 vss table <table-id> [oui <n> vpn-id <n> | vpn-ascii-id <text>]

Declaration: dhcpv6_proxy_vss_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp6_proxy_node.c line 1122

Implementation: dhcpv6_vss_command_fn

set ip6 address

set ip6 address <interface> [prefix group <string>] <address> [del]

This command is used to add/delete IPv6 address potentially using available prefix from specified prefix group

Example of how to add IPv6 address:

set ip6 address GigabitEthernet2/0/0           prefix group my-prefix-group ::7/64

Example of how to delete IPv6 address:

set ip6 address GigabitEthernet2/0/0           prefix group my-prefix-group ::7/64 del

Declaration: ip6_address_add_del_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp6_pd_client_cp.c line 1073

Implementation: cp_ip6_address_add_del_command_function

show dhcp client

show dhcp client [intfc <intfc>][verbose]

Declaration: show_dhcp_client_command src/plugins/dhcp/client.c line 950

Implementation: show_dhcp_client_command_fn

show dhcp option-82-address interface

show dhcp option-82-address interface <interface>

Declaration: dhcp_proxy_address_show_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp4_proxy_node.c line 1123

Implementation: dhcp_option_82_address_show_command_fn

show dhcp proxy

Display dhcp proxy server info

Declaration: dhcp_proxy_show_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp4_proxy_node.c line 1012

Implementation: dhcp4_proxy_show_command_fn

show dhcp vss

show dhcp VSS

Declaration: dhcp_proxy_vss_show_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp4_proxy_node.c line 1076

Implementation: dhcp_vss_show_command_fn

show dhcp6 addresses

show dhcp6 addresses

Declaration: dhcp6_addresses_show_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp6_ia_na_client_cp.c line 532

Implementation: dhcp6_addresses_show_command_function

show dhcp6 clients

show dhcp6 clients

Declaration: dhcp6_clients_show_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp6_ia_na_client_cp.c line 592

Implementation: dhcp6_clients_show_command_function

show dhcpv6 proxy

Display dhcpv6 proxy info

Declaration: dhcpv6_proxy_show_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp6_proxy_node.c line 1075

Implementation: dhcpv6_proxy_show_command_fn

show dhcpv6 vss

show dhcpv6 VSS

Declaration: dhcpv6_proxy_vss_show_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp6_proxy_node.c line 1138

Implementation: dhcpv6_vss_show_command_fn

show ip6 addresses

show ip6 addresses

Declaration: ip6_addresses_show_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp6_pd_client_cp.c line 1110

Implementation: cp_ip6_addresses_show_command_function

show ip6 pd clients

show ip6 pd clients

Declaration: ip6_pd_clients_show_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp6_pd_client_cp.c line 1209

Implementation: ip6_pd_clients_show_command_function

show ip6 prefixes

show ip6 prefixes

Declaration: ip6_prefixes_show_command src/plugins/dhcp/dhcp6_pd_client_cp.c line 1144

Implementation: cp_ip6_prefixes_show_command_function