Image Version Information

show version

show version [verbose] [cmdline]

This command displays image version and command line arguments

How to display the image version string:

show version

vpp v18.07-rc0~509-gb9124828 built by vppuser on vppbuild at date

How to display verbose image version information:

show version verbose

Version:                  v18.07-rc0~509-gb9124828
Compiled by:              vppuser
Compile host:             vppbuild
Compile date:             Fri Jul 13 09:05:37 EDT 2018
Compile location:         /scratch/vpp-showversion
Compiler:                 GCC 7.3.0
Current PID:              5334

How to display the vpp command line arguments:

show version cmdline

vpp# show version cmdline
Command line arguments:

Declaration: show_vpe_version_command src/vpp/app/version.c line 137

Implementation: show_vpe_version_command_fn