Map cli reference

map add domain

map add domain [tag <tag>] ip4-pfx <ip4-pfx> ip6-pfx <ip6-pfx> ip6-src <ip6-pfx> ea-bits-len <n> psid-offset <n> psid-len <n> [map-t] [mtu <mtu>]

Add MAP domain

map add domain

Declaration: map_add_domain_command src/plugins/map/map.c line 1396

Implementation: map_add_domain_command_fn

map add rule

map add rule index <domain> psid <psid> ip6-dst <ip6-addr>

Add MAP rule to a domain

map add rule

Declaration: map_add_rule_command src/plugins/map/map.c line 1412

Implementation: map_add_rule_command_fn

map del domain

map del domain index <domain>

Delete MAP domain

map del domain

Declaration: map_del_command src/plugins/map/map.c line 1425

Implementation: map_del_domain_command_fn

map interface

map interface <interface-name> [map-t] [del]

Enable MAP processing on interface (input feature)

Declaration: map_if_command src/plugins/map/map.c line 1461

Implementation: map_if_command_fn

map params fragment

map params fragment inner|outer ignore-df|honor-df

Configure MAP fragmentation behaviour

map params fragment

Allows fragmentation of the IPv4 packet even if the DF bit is
set. The choice between inner or outer fragmentation of tunnel
packets is complicated. The benefit of inner fragmentation is that
the ultimate endpoint must reassemble, instead of the tunnel

Declaration: map_fragment_command src/plugins/map/map.c line 1382

Implementation: map_fragment_command_fn

map params icmp source-address

map params icmp source-address <ip4-address>

Specify the IPv4 source address used for relayed ICMP error messages

map params icmp source-address

This command specifies which IPv4 source address (must be local to
the system), that is used for relayed received IPv6 ICMP error

Declaration: map_icmp_relay_source_address_command src/plugins/map/map.c line 1347

Implementation: map_icmp_relay_source_address_command_fn

map params icmp6 unreachables

map params icmp6 unreachables {on|off}

Send IPv6 ICMP unreachables

map params icmp6 unreachables

Send IPv6 ICMP unreachable messages back if security check fails or
no MAP domain exists.

Declaration: map_icmp_unreachables_command src/plugins/map/map.c line 1363

Implementation: map_icmp_unreachables_command_fn

map params pre-resolve

map params pre-resolve {ip4-nh <address>} | {ip6-nh <address>}

Bypass IP4/IP6 lookup

map params pre-resolve

Bypass a second FIB lookup of the translated or encapsulated
packet, and forward the packet directly to the specified
next-hop. This optimization trades forwarding flexibility for

Declaration: map_pre_resolve_command src/plugins/map/map.c line 1306

Implementation: map_pre_resolve_command_fn

map params security-check

map params security-check enable|disable fragments on|off

Enable or disable the MAP-E inbound security check Specify if the inbound security check should be done on fragments

map params security-check

By default, a decapsulated packet's IPv4 source address will be
verified against the outer header's IPv6 source address. Disabling
this feature will allow IPv4 source address spoofing.

Typically the inbound on-decapsulation security check is only done
on the first packet. The packet that contains the L4
information. While a security check on every fragment is possible,
it has a cost. State must be created on the first fragment.

Declaration: map_security_check_command src/plugins/map/map.c line 1330

Implementation: map_security_check_command_fn

map params tcp-mss

map params tcp-mss <value>

TCP MSS clamping

map params tcp-mss

This command is used to set the TCP MSS in translated
or encapsulated packets.

Declaration: map_tcp_mss_command src/plugins/map/map.c line 1288

Implementation: map_tcp_mss_command_fn

map params traffic-class

map params traffic-class {0x0-0xff | copy}

Set or copy the IP TOS/Traffic Class field

map params traffic-class

This command is used to set the traffic-class field in translated
or encapsulated packets. If copy is specifed (the default) then the
traffic-class/TOS field is copied from the original packet to the
translated / encapsulating header.

Declaration: map_traffic_class_command src/plugins/map/map.c line 1272

Implementation: map_traffic_class_command_fn

show map domain

show map domain index <n> [counters]

Show MAP domains

show map domain

Declaration: show_map_domain_command src/plugins/map/map.c line 1438

Implementation: show_map_domain_command_fn

show map stats

show map stats

Show MAP statistics

show map stats

Declaration: show_map_stats_command src/plugins/map/map.c line 1451

Implementation: show_map_stats_command_fn